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KK-12C is the ultimate programmable financial calculator for Palm OS.
KK-12C emulates the functions of HP-12C / HP 12C Platinum, the most popular financial calculator ever, with extra features.
Program and all other registers can be saved at any time with unlimited sessions. More over, KK-12C comes with familiar look and feel of the real HP-12C, but fits nicely on your Palm screen. Requires Palm OS 3.5 or later and 200K of free memory for standard version, and 450K for High-Density display version (HD). HD version supports display in double-density mode (320x320), and full screen display on handhelds with landscape (320x480) mode



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HP-12C is a trademark of Hewlett-Packard Co.

Revision History

04/22/08 v2.2.2
- Odd period error. Fixed.

04/05/07 v2.2.1
- IRR error. Fixed.

05/02/07 v2.2
- Treo's keyboard support. Added.
- Default full screen mode for Palm T5, Life Drive, T|X. Added.

26/12/05 v2.1
- Square function. Added.

19/10/05 v2.0
- Algebraic Input Mode. Added.

17/06/05 v1.9.3
- SL, SOYD and DB error when x and/or n = 0. Fixed.

22/04/05 v1.9.2
- Tungsten E2 up & down button bug. Fixed.

25/02/05 v1.9.1
- Pop-up Clock font error. Fixed.

09/03/04 v1.9
- HiRes version startup error on Palm OS 3.5. Fixed.

01/04/04 v1.8
- HiRes font bug. Fixed.
- Date functions bug. Fixed.

12/03/03 v1.7
- Full screen with all keys display in landscape mode (480x320) on PalmOne Tungsten | T3, CLIE UX40/50, and TapWave Zodiac. Added.

09/06/03 v1.6
- AMORT bug. Fixed.

07/23/03 v1.5
- Color Theme support on Palm OS 5.2. Added.
- AMORT with 0 PMT always return error code. Fixed.

01/24/03 v1.4
- Periodic Interest rate calculation bug. Fixed.

12/15/02 v1.3
- Supports Navigator button on Palm Tungsten. Added.
- Interest rate calculation bug. Fixed.
- Clear PREFIX using Graffiti stroke bug. Fixed.

02/11/02 v1.2
- IRR error 7. Fixed.
- High-Density Display API support on Palm OS 5, Sony Clie NX series,
Tungsten, and Acer s50/60. Added.

25/8/02 v.1.1
- Power off/save session/exit app during program mode does not set current
program line to 0 after power on/load session/open app. Fixed.
- Sunday displays 0 instead of 7 for Calendar function. Fixed.
- Error 5 when calculating Calendar functions. Fixed.


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